21 March 2011


A few favorites that I have found via the Mjölk shop. Check out their beautiful Kitka blog, too.

This first picture shows cutlery by Yuki Sakano. Each piece is handmade by Yuki from solid nickel silver, and then pleated with pure silver. You can keep the light color by polishing with a soft cloth, or let the silver oxidize and enjoy the tarnished silver.

The pictures below show the Krummi bird clothes hanger by Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir. In Icelandic Krummi means raven, and it has much more positive connotations in Icelandic folklore than in other countries. Ravens are attracted to shiny objects, and the idea behind this hanger is to show your shiny things instead of hiding them away.

Photos via Mjölk

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