31 March 2011

Wishlist - Clothes rack

I would love a clothes rack, but I can't fit one anywhere in our current home, so I will have to wait for us to move in to our new place. This one, Turbo from Ikea, is great - black and simple!

No. 5 House by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The No. 5 House is located in Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden and it was designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. It's a three bedroom apartment with a larger living/ dining area. The bedrooms open towards one cardinal point each, while the bathroom has a roof window instead. From the living area there's access to a partially walled terrace, creating an outdoor room open to the sky and the view.

23 March 2011

Summerhouse in Gotland

This is the summerhouse of Henrik and Susanna Nygren, situated in Gotland, Sweden. Large windows in the living room offer a spectacular view of the sea and bring in lots of light. The house is filled with design icons from famous designers like Eames, Kjærholm, Jacobsen and Tapiovaara, to name a few.

I really, really wish it was summer, don't you? (And I wish I had a summer house like that!)

Photos by Johan Carlson via Sköna Hem

21 March 2011


A few favorites that I have found via the Mjölk shop. Check out their beautiful Kitka blog, too.

This first picture shows cutlery by Yuki Sakano. Each piece is handmade by Yuki from solid nickel silver, and then pleated with pure silver. You can keep the light color by polishing with a soft cloth, or let the silver oxidize and enjoy the tarnished silver.

The pictures below show the Krummi bird clothes hanger by Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir. In Icelandic Krummi means raven, and it has much more positive connotations in Icelandic folklore than in other countries. Ravens are attracted to shiny objects, and the idea behind this hanger is to show your shiny things instead of hiding them away.

Photos via Mjölk

20 March 2011

Ellen's house in Norway

This is the home of Ellen Thorstensen from Hello House. She has used a color palette of white, grey and black when decorating, and the materials used consist of concrete, wood and natural elements. The result is a beautiful mix of scandinavian and industrial style!

Photos from NIB

19 March 2011

Isku Kokopuu Kitchen

I really, really like this Kokopuu kitchen.

Photos from Isku

"The minimalistic beauty of the new Isku Kokopuu Kitchen combined with the ecological use of wood and the idea of the kitchen truly being the heart of the home endeared audiences at the Habitare fair held in Helsinki 1-5 of September 2010.

The primary aim behind the design of Isku Kokopuu Kitchen was to create a kitchen that focuses on providing a stage for life and moves the storage capacity to the background. Like life itself, the fitment-like Kokopuu adapts to different situations and needs, providing plenty of new possibilities for furnishing your kitchen.

Created by designer Jaani Vaahtera, Isku Kokopuu Kitchen is made out of Finnish solid birch with the ideals of sustainable develop- ment in mind. The estimated usage time of Kokopuu Kitchen is up to 250 years. Kokopuu Kitchen is offered in four different sizes and the product family also includes wooden kitchen hoods and wooden furniture." 

(from Isku press release)

17 March 2011

Favorites from Swedese

I've been drooling over the Libri bookshelf from Swedese for quite a while now...

Heaven step ladder

Libri bookshelf

Ivy bookshelf

Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf is a Dutch garden and landscape designer, who focuses on natural gardens and skillfully uses a lot of grasses in his works. The gardens of High Line in New York are designed by Oudolf, and his own garden, Hummelo, is a popular visiting place for many garden enthusiasts. 

I wish it was summer already...

Photos via Deko

A home in Reykjavik

This house lies in the mountains just outside of Reykjavik, and is inhabited by the interior designer Rut Káradóttir and her family. Rut has used mostly natural colors and materials when she renovated the house, and she likes to mix rough and elegant when decorating.

I'm especially fond of the concrete floors, the photo wall and the spa in this house!

Photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer via Vårt Nya Hem

14 March 2011

Photo walls

I'm planning on creating a photo wall for our new home, with b&w photos and black frames. I haven't yet decided which wall and what photos I'm going to use, but it would be nice to find enough pictures from my own archives; that way the wall could tell a story about our life. Below some inspiration!

Photo by Dan Gordan via Sköna Hem

Photo by Sven Berggren via Boligmagasinet

Photo via Remodelista

Photo via Ellemania