28 February 2011


Are you familiar with the Finnish brand Tikau?

Birds cushion, Foldi basket, Stripe carpet

Square carpet, Silk cushion

U-bag, Cotton-silk bedcover, Bombroo carpet

Softi throw, Tikau basket

Stripe carpet, Shakki carpet, Birds pillow 

"The Tikau concept includes handmade accessories for your everyday wear and for your home. All the Tikau products are invidual and available in limited editions.

‘Tikau’ is a Hindi word meaning long lasting, durable and sustainable. This philosophy is at the heart of Tikau identity and reflected in the Tikau products and in the production value chain: from reviving the disappearing artisan traditions to the use of environmentally friendly methods for processing textiles.

Natural materials such as uncolored wool, organic cotton, water reed and banana fiber form the core of most Tikau products. In addition, some of the items are made of recycled materials.

Tikau seeks to combine local handicraft traditions, design, community trade and environmental awareness in direct co-operation with the artisans, NGOs (non governmental organizations) and trusts." 

(quote from Tikau's website)

Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen

I have not grown tired of these chairs, although they can be seen everywhere at the moment - the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen. For our new home we will get these in black, they will fit perfectly!

Photos by Ditte Isager via Fritz Hansen

27 February 2011

A beautiful home in Copenhagen

Some eye candy for your Sunday. I like how this home looks classic, but somehow modern at the same time. Also, my favorite lamps can be found in there, and the clothes rack is gorgeous! 

Photos by Liselotte Plenov via Boligmagasinet

24 February 2011

Winter wonderland

© Katariina Alexandra

These pictures are from last year. There was so much snow, even in the center of Helsinki. Before that we hadn't had a proper winter in years, so I was running around in the snow with my camera like a child, even though the weather was really cold. This year there's even more snow...!

23 February 2011

Favorite lamps

A few of my favorite lamps. The PH 5 would be perfect hanging above the dining table in our new home, so it's on the shopping list. Knowing how obsessed I am with the Jieldé, I think it will make it to the list as well. I would like to get my hands on a vintage Jieldé, though...

Louis Poulsen - AJ lamp

Louis Poulsen - PH 5

Jieldé - Loft

Artek - Pendant lamp A338

Secto Design - Octo

A nice apartment for sale in Helsinki

I tend to check regularly what kind of apartments are for sale in Helsinki, and last weekend I found this one. The same apartment can also be seen in the portfolio of stylist Susanna Vento. I think I could live there...!

Photos via Kiinteistömaailma

22 February 2011

Nice desks

A couple of nice desks I've stumbled upon while surfing the internet. I'm especially a big fan of the first one by House Doctor...

House Doctor
Design House Stockholm

Københavns Møbelsnedkeri

21 February 2011

Lato by Ulla Koskinen

You may have seen this before, the Lato house by Ulla Koskinen for Kannustalo. I found it originally in Deko magazine and I never get tired of looking at these photos. It looks cosy,  but there's not too much stuff lying around - just the way i like it! I could also decorate my home with those colors; grey, dark blue, white, light colored wood... 

Photos by Morten Holtum and Sameli Rantanen via Deko

Essay table

I just love this table designed by Cecilie Mantz for Fritz Hansen. It's so simple, yet stylish. I'm also a huge fan of lofts, concrete, big windows and high ceilings. I could live in that space... 


Tuplakupla © Katariina Alexandra

I recently purchased my first own apartment, or to be precise, half of it. The apartment is now under construction, and it will be ready in one year and three months. I can't wait to decorate the apartment, and in my mind I have already done it too many times. So, to this blog I will collect all kinds of things that inspire me. I will post about interior design, architecture and photography, mostly. Maybe even food, if I happen to find a good recipe. Welcome!