28 February 2011


Are you familiar with the Finnish brand Tikau?

Birds cushion, Foldi basket, Stripe carpet

Square carpet, Silk cushion

U-bag, Cotton-silk bedcover, Bombroo carpet

Softi throw, Tikau basket

Stripe carpet, Shakki carpet, Birds pillow 

"The Tikau concept includes handmade accessories for your everyday wear and for your home. All the Tikau products are invidual and available in limited editions.

‘Tikau’ is a Hindi word meaning long lasting, durable and sustainable. This philosophy is at the heart of Tikau identity and reflected in the Tikau products and in the production value chain: from reviving the disappearing artisan traditions to the use of environmentally friendly methods for processing textiles.

Natural materials such as uncolored wool, organic cotton, water reed and banana fiber form the core of most Tikau products. In addition, some of the items are made of recycled materials.

Tikau seeks to combine local handicraft traditions, design, community trade and environmental awareness in direct co-operation with the artisans, NGOs (non governmental organizations) and trusts." 

(quote from Tikau's website)

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